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Beyond affinity: developability as key to success

Our Mammalian Display is a proprietary clinically validated technology allowing the generation of abundant therapeutic antibody leads with excellent developability properties.


About the tecnhology

Mammalian Display

Mammalian Display is a proprietary technology that enables the construction of large libraries of stable cell lines displaying human antibodies on their surface. As well as generating an abundance of therapeutic antibody leads, our technology addresses developability issues early in discovery, increasing the likelihood of successful progress through the development process.

The platform uses gene editing technology to efficiently direct site-specific integration of antibody genes into a single locus within the mammalian cell genome. This enables multi-parametric FACS selection and identification of the best molecules from tens of millions of antibodies in their final therapeutic format: from typical IgG, to VHH, bispecific, CAR and TCR. The display level of antibodies in this system is uniquely correlated with their biophysical properties in solution and late-stage developability and the technology is suitable for engineering of antibodies with high affinities and/or improved developability profiles.

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Mammalian Display’s differentiating aspect on developing the right antibody

01High throughput

Screening performed by FACS allowing for large library sizes to be screened for binding and antibody presentation level

02Selection as IgG

Full IgG antibodies displayed in surface of mammalian display thereby removing the need for IgG reformatting

03Amenable to other final formats

From standard IgG to VHH, VHH-Fc, bispecifics, antibody fusions, CAR and TCR

04Selection in Mammalian cell lines

Allows for mammalian post translational modifications within a mammalian cell background

05De-risk Development

Site specific integration into a single locus results in transcriptional normalization allowing for comparative display analysis - higher display associates with better developability

06Broad range of epitopes

Different strategies available to select for epitope specificity (high diversity)

07Selection for affinity

Selection as IgG facilitates standard affinity measurements

Licensing Opportunity For Your Project’s Success

The Mammalian Display is also accessible under a licensing model structure. The internalization of this technology encourages innovation and technology diversification onto your therapeutic lead candidate research. This will ultimately mitigate the risk of clinical failure and speed your pipeline to the market.

Our technology transfer offers a range of support to ensure the effective integration and operation of the Mammalian Display in your internal workflows. The licensing of Mammalian Display also encompasses improvements to the platform and we welcome collaborative developments to address your specific needs.

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