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Antibody Engineering

Custom Antibody Engineering Services

Our Antibody Engineering enhances antibody performance through tailored and precise solutions relying on cutting-edge techniques, utilizing phage and mammalian display and innovative methods for improved binding, specificity, and functionality.


From antibody sequences to clinically ready therapeutic leads

Our experts specialize in improving the performance, quality, and versatility of antibodies for a myriad of applications, from research tools to clinically ready therapeutic leads. Leveraging both library approaches and rational design, our cutting-edge techniques and advance molecular engineering methods, empower us to optimize antibody binding affinity, functionality, and specificity.

To ensure unparalleled results, we rely on robust platforms such as phage display and our state-of-the-art proprietary mammalian display technology. These tools enable us to harness the power of diverse libraries and selection methods, facilitating the identification of improved antibodies for diverse outcomes, driving a seamless transition from lead discovery to development.

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, our Antibody Engineering focuses on tailored approaches to each desired purpose. Whether for affinity maturation, specificity increase, multispecificity or cross-reactivity introduction, modulation of potency, stability enhancement or removal of undesired properties, we help you pave the way for improved biologics.

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Harnessing the power of diversity

Our library approach generates a vast array of antibody variants, enhancing the probability of discovering improved antibody variants with enhanced properties and functionalities.

Empowering antibody excellence

Addressing CMC/developability liabilities. Trust our rational designed libraries for the selection of antibodies with improved biophysical properties and high stability for the identification of optimal therapeutic candidates.

Expanding antibody engineering

Employing the power of phage and mammalian display technologies to maximize the chances of identifying antibodies with superior properties, revolutionizing therapeutic development.

Unlocking antibody potential

Tailored solutions for your targets. Enhance or fine-tune antibody affinities and specificity for optimal therapeutic and research applications.

Humanized antibodies with preserved potency and function

Ensuring safer and more effective therapeutic leads, delivering antibodies with optimal functionality and potency compared to their parental counterparts

Broad range of goals, two main application

Affinity Maturation

Our cutting-edge affinity maturation process guarantees the delivery of optimized antibodies.

  • Precision Affinity maturation: Our advanced library approaches, combined with the two display technologies, employ targeted mutagenesis to construct a large number of variants of the parental antibody, empowering us to effectively target key residues for high probability affinity improvement.
  • Expanded Diversity: Chain shuffling methods introduce diversity, enabling us to explore a vast array of variants antibodies, maximizing the chances of achieving the desired improvements in affinity.
  • Enhanced Antibody Binding: Our affinity maturation approach involves multiple rounds of affinity-driven selections, resulting in antibodies with up to a 1000-fold improvement in binding affinities to target antigens.
  • Maintaining Functionality: Throughout the affinity maturation process, we prioritize maintaining antibody functionality, ensuring that the improved affinity does not compromise the desired therapeutic efficacy.
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Our Humanization process highlights the key aspects of successful human-based antibodies.

  • Precision Humanization: starting with the parental antibody sequence, we ensure a close match to human germline, resulting in antibodies with high affinity and reduced immunogenicity;
  • Advanced Library Generation: Using binary substitution mutagenesis, we create display libraries, optimizing for affinity-driven selections and eliminating aberrant clones, enriching for functional humanized antibodies.
  • Thorough Screening Process: Our screening process considers multiple factors, including binding properties, human identity, homology, and off-rate. This ensures the selection of antibodies with the best potential for success.
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phage display

Phage display allows the exploration of large antibody repertoires for target binding, facilitating library-based humanization and affinity maturation.

Our expertise on this well-established technology is compatible with antibody fragments like VHH, scFv, and FAb. Selections can utilize the specific target as a recombinant protein or over-expressing cells presenting the target, offering flexibility in the target´s presentation.

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