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Our Science

Our science

As your Antibody Partner, we provide a wide range of solutions, ranging from early antibody discovery to late-stage development. Our dedicated experts function as an extension of your team, hand-in-hand, to elevate your projects with our cutting-edge solutions and proprietary technologies


Partnering for success

Our Science

As your dedicated one-stop-shop antibody partner, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions spanning from early discovery to late-stage development. Our team of seasoned antibody experts seamlessly integrates with your operations, functioning as a natural extension of your team.

At our core, we prioritize effective communication and foster a collaborative environment, ensuring the smooth advancement of your programs. With a commitment to excellence, we strive to elevate your projects to achieve success.

Whether you're seeking cutting-edgeantibody discovery or to optimize late-stage development, our top-tier experts are well-equipped to cater to your unique requirements. Embracing innovation and driven by results, we are passionate about delivering the highest quality services.

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Our differentiating features

Extensive toolboxes

We resort to a multitude of platforms and cutting-edge proprietary technologies tailored to meet the diverse needs of antibody therapeutics, diagnostics, anti-idiotypics and other research tools.

Complementary multidisciplinarity

Our proficient teams comprise seasoned antibody experts, spanning from antibody discovery, protein production, and development. With vast experience over various therapeutic areas and modalities, we deliver unparalleled solutions.

Versatile approaches

Embracing versatility, our workflows are tailored to your biologics’ needs, standing ready to empower breakthrough advancements in your pipeline.

Notable track-record

Fostering enduring collaborations is at the heart of our culture. Throughout our 11-year journey, we have established and nurtured long-lasting partnerships, with an impressive count of 14 antibodies known to have progressed to clinical stages.