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Cell Line Engineering

Leveraged by cutting-edge techniques and tailored protocols, we master reliable and efficient platforms for cell line engineering, providing you invaluable tools for your programs.


Your toolbox is important: cutting-edge cell line engineering

Cell Line Engineering, a potent technique for drug discovery and characterization, facilitates the development of high-quality, customized cell lines. Our cell lines serve as invaluable tools for investigating diverse biological processes, disease mechanisms, and identifying potential drug targets and candidates. From stable cell lines for gene expression to cell reporter assays and beyond, our expert team offers versatile and tailored solutions to address your unique research needs effectively.

Our team has extensive experience in developing cell lines for a variety of research purposes, including oncology, neuroscience, and immunology. This allows us to provide the tools for breakthrough discoveries of possible drug targets and drug candidates resulting in scientific advances in a wide range of fields.

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Engineering a path to scientific breakthrough

Vast toolbox for success

We perform cell line engineering starting from various cell lines like HEK293, Jurkat, CHO-K1, or any preferred cell line for tailored outcomes. Our expert team ensures precise gene editing, delivering reliable and innovative solutions to accelerate your research endeavors.

From pool to single cell

Our cell line engineering service offers flexibility –stop at the stable pool stage or proceed to single cell selection, as per your preference, and under expert guidance. 

Ensured Quality

Our commitment to excellence drives extensive QC, ensuring precise and reliable results at every stage. From initial editing to the stable cell line, trust in our stringent measures for superior research outcomes.

Functional Validation

Our expert team ensures your cells undergo rigorous testing to assess functionality and desired properties. Trust our state-of-the-art methods and precise analyses, enabling confident and data-driven decisions for your research success.

Tailoring for your goals

Diversity is key

Knock out cell lines

By exploring our gene knock-out cell lines, unlock a precise and efficient gene editing tool to silence target genes, paving the way for ground-breaking discoveries. These engineered cell lines provide a unique opportunity to explore gene function, unraveling intricate signaling pathways, and deciphering their involvement in disease mechanisms.

Over-expressing cell lines

Introduce new or extra copies of a gene into your preferred cell line to increase the production or expression of a specific protein, allowing novel insights and breakthroughs across different therapeutics areas. Through the controlled expression of specific genes, our team can support the study of disease conditions, investigation of protein interactions, and assessment the impact of gene overexpression on cellular processes.

Reporter cell lines

Experience and explore live-cell imaging, signal transduction and dynamically monitor cellular processes through our meticulously crafted reporter cell lines. Contact us now to embark on a journey of insightful discoveries, and elevate your studies with our customizable reporter cell lines.

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