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Antibody Discovery

Tailored Antibody Discovery Solutions

Our technologies offer the ability to mine large antibody repertoires to generate target specific antibodies with desired functionalities and biophysical properties.


From candidate selection to lead characterization and developability assessment

Our team has deeply rooted expertise in antibody discovery, with established and cutting-edge technologies to rapidly identify high-quality antibodies tailored to your desired specifications. By mining large immune and non-immune antibody repertoires using phage display and/or our proprietary Mammalian Display, we generate target-specific antibodies for different applications.

This gold standard approach has resulted in at least 14 antibodies that have entered the clinic for our partners over the brief span of 10 years.

We pride ourselves on our total dedication to our partners. With consistent and transparent communication, we aim to deliver results that meet and often exceed expectations. Your vision becomes our mission, your goals become our objectives. Our commitment to excellence ensures we provide services that are not only efficient but also effective.

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Vast Expertise in Antibody Discovery

In vitro and in vivo sources

Antibodies generated from a wide spectrum of both in vitro and in vivo sources, enabling a broad range of possibilities

Non-immune libraries

Fully human clinically validated proprietary non-immune libraries (naïve and semi-synthetic) ensuring a reliable basis for antibody discovery

Multiple Species

We support immunizations in multiple species (mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, and llama), including transgenic animals providing a wide diversity for generating antibodies

Phage and Mammalian Display

Deep expertise and industry leader in both Phage display and Mammalian Display selection methods

14 antibodies in clinic

Discovered 14 antibodies that have successfully entered clinical trials for our partners over the past decade

Beyond therapeutics

Generation of antibodies beyond therapeutics, including diagnostics, anti-idiotypic, imaging, and research tools

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How We Work

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Non-immune Library

Non-immune llama single domain and healthy human antibody libraries present a large diversity of antibodies from natural repertoires. These libraries can be explored against any target, as a recombinant protein or over-expressed on cells, eliminating the need for animal immunization. This expedites the discovery process of specific antibodies. Human libraries preclude the necessity for humanization and permit direct formatting, while llama single domain candidates are easily humanized for clinical suitability and can serve as versatile building blocks for reformulation into bispecific/multi-specific antibody formats.

Immune Library

Animal immunizations remain popular for producing high-affinity antibodies naturally. Our track record expertise in immunizing five species (mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, and llama) and working with transgenic or genetically modified animals, offers a flexible approach to your project requirements.

Immune-sourced antibodies can serve various purposes, including but not limited to, therapeutics, reagents, diagnostics and immunohistochemistry tools. From generating broad and cross-reactive antibodies, soluble VHH antibodies capable of targeting inaccessible epitopes, to easily humanized antibodies, we can support your clinically-fit therapeutic leads.

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