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Reliable Biologistics Services | Cold Storage & Transport

From material receival or generation to handling and shipping

Our track record team and relationships allow a 360º view of the samples’ life cycle: from generation, to handling and storing to the final destination – maintaining full control of your materials.


Optimised logistics of all biologic materials for large molecule R&D

Make use of our experience in agile logistics management shipping of materials, handling and storage of hundreds of thousand biological samples- allowing us to offer all or part of these services tailored to your specific needs.

Flexibility is key since there are no volume requirements.

From single cryobox storage to multiple dedicated freezer units with room to scale, our Biologistics services allow full view of your assets using our proprietary inventory management system.

Our expert shipping and logistics team will handle all care and onward logistics of materials from the second we receive your material. Pickup of materials from your location to ours is possible and completely managed by our team


Biologistics Lifecyle

Three pillars

Inventory Management System

Secure cloud-based inventory management system allowing:

  • 360º view on all samples and features
  • Full control of your materials
  • Dedicated teams for handling of your biologic samples, from aliquoting to material transfer and shipping

Cold Storage

Range of storage units to support your temperature needs, from a single cryobox, to dedicated freezer units

  • 4°C to -20°C in industry-standard fridge/freezer units
  • -80°C in Ultra-Low Freezers
  • -196°C in Vapour Phase Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
  • 24/7 monitored
  • GDSP Protocols
  • A secure cloud-based inventory management tool


  • Single sample end-to-end tracking and control of your valuable materials
  • Track record of seamless shipping globally including through routes and areas of high customs complexity, on time and well received

Why use our Biologistics Service?

01Biologics Experts

We understand that the “process is the product” and handling and storage are an influential part of the process

02Partnerships with industry-leading bio-shipping providers

Established and validated 3rd party relationships optimised for reliable deployment into any stage of the R&D process

03100% transparency – you see what we see when we see it
  • Temperature logging
  • Protocols and care guidelines available for review
  • Security incident reports
  • Sample-level tracking and tracing
04Custodian Model

One person as your point of contact with end-to-end view and control for sample integrity

05Vast Experience

We have stored and managed hundreds of thousands of biological samples for research & development work

06Secure Cloud-based Inventory Management

Temperature monitoring full control of biomaterials from anywhere, anytime.

Secure Cloud-Based Invetory Management

Controlled and secure storage and logistics of your R&D material, fully under your control

Our Inventory Management System provides 24/7 access to your inventory with a granular view of all the materials you've stored with us added with rich related data.

The platform grants full management of your inventory, where you can exercise complete control of your samples, request shipments, storage expansion, disposal of samples or any other need.

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