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Cell Line Development

Cell Line Development

Stable antibody expression

We are your trusted partner to elevate your biotherapeutic production to new heights. We take pride in our world-class Cell Line Development, designed to provide you with stable and high-yield cell lines for the production of a wide range of biotherapeutics, with a primary focus on antibodies. 

With a profound understanding of the intricacies of cellular biology, our accomplished team specializes in engineering high-performing cell lines tailored to your specific needs. Through state-of-the-art techniques and stringent quality control measures, we ensure the creation of cell lines that form the foundation for reliable and efficient antibody production. Our commitment to excellence extends to every phase of development, resulting in the generation of stable cell lines that empower your therapeutics development.

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Reliable cell line

CHO GS-/- cells adapted to suspension growth in chemically defined, animal component-free media: for a rapid cell line development by metabolic selection without the addition of MSX, MTX and Antibiotics.

From pool to single cell

Our cell line development service offers flexibility – stop at the stable pool stage or proceed to single cell selection, as per your preference, and under expert guidance.

Vast molecule expression

Generate stable cell lines for stable expression of a variety of formats: from mAbs, bispecifics and Fc-Fusion production, Maintaining the highest quality standards.

Ensured Quality

Our commitment to excellence drives extensive QC, ensuring precise and reliable results at every stage. From initial editing to the stable cell line, trust in our stringent measures for superior research outcomes.

Ensured Consistency

We guarantee unwavering quality by rigorously validating functional performance from batch to batch. Our stable antibody production undergoes meticulous testing, empowering your programs with consistent, reliable biotherapeutics.


Originating from heterogeneous cell populations, these serve as the foundation for selecting and isolating individual cell lines possessing desired traits, be it high productivity or specific molecule expression characteristics. 

Single cell clones

The key to consistent and reliable antibody production lies in the uniqueness of each cell line. Our advanced single cell isolation technology guarantees the creation of stable, monoclonal cell populations derived from a single antibody-producing cell. Our expert scientists meticulously characterize each clone for key attributes like productivity, stability, and growth characteristics, ensuring the highest performance and consistency.

Stable Production

We employ state-of-the-art techniques and industry best practices to develop cell lines that consistently deliver high yields of your target biotherapeutics. Our expert team ensures the expression of your desired proteins remains robust and reliable, enabling you to advance your production with confidence. With our Research Cell Bank (RCB), you gain comprehensive biophysical and biosafety characterization, driving improved research-grade or GMP bioproduction.

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Why we are different

01High yields and stability

4-8 g/L on average and up to 60 generations

02Short timelines

16-20 weeks from gene to RCB

03Clinically validated

>100 molecules on the clinical and several on the market generated with the licensed CHOZN® platform

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