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Protein Production

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Empowering antibody discovery with custom protein production

Our team specializes in antibody and antigen production, covering all stages of research. From high throughput production for early stage antibody discovery, to multigram scale for late stage characterization, we have the capabilities to accommodate your project's unique needs. Our fit for purpose workflows enable us to deliver results within an impressive timeline of just 2-3 weeks, from gene arrival to protein delivery.

We prioritize quality of our final products and implement stringent quality control to ensure the integrity, purity, and functionality of the produced proteins. Our experienced team has a track record in working with complex formats (fusion proteins, multispecific antibodies)and can provide tailored workflows for production at various scales. With focus on both quality and speed, we are your trusted partner in advancing biologics projects efficiently and effectively.

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Multiple antibody formats

Antigen production suitable for immunization

2-3 weeks from DNA arrival to protein delivery

Fit for purpose approaches

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Our workflow productions

High throughput Antibody Production

Our high throughput antibody production workflow uses plate-based transient expression and semi-automated methods to express and purify various antibody formats. Ideally suited for early stage discovery, it enables screening of large panels in a time and cost effective manner.

Antibody Production

Our antibody production workflows offer full upstream and downstream flexibility to insure delivery of the highest quality material for your project. From standard to complex formats, from mg to multigram scale, we provide a solution for every research stage.

Antigen Production

Our antigen production services provide a fully customized approach, to ensure a maximum efficacy and quality of the final product. For each antigen to be produced, a thorough study of the target allows strategy alignment and a custom workflow. Our expertise and resources enable reliable and efficient production of high-quality antigens. 

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High Throughput Production

Unravel the potential of your panel through our efficient high throughput production and accelerate your antibody discovery project. In less than two weeks with our plate-based productions in Expi293™ cell line, we can achieve an average 300-500 μg, allowing enough amount for further high throughput functional and biophysical characterization.

Our advanced system supports diverse species, isotypes, and antibody formats making use of a versatile portfolio of purification resins such as Protein A, Protein G, IMAC for efficient purification. Experience the power of high throughput plate-based production at FairJourney Biologics.

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Our high throughput production workflows will provide the solution for streamlined antibody development and accelerated research

Screen large antibody panels

Get enough material for initial functional and biophysical screenings

Choose from multiple antibody formats available

Go for a time and cost effective solution

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Antibody Production

Our antibody production services offer cutting-edge solutions for the development and production of high-quality antibodies tailored to meet your specific research needs.

With our services you can start from DNA sequence or your own plasmids, we will design the most suitable strategy for a successful production, at every scale (mg to multigram).

Make use of our streamlined production workflows (using ExpiCHO-S™ or Expi293™) for standard antibody formats or reach out to our expert team for custom approaches, suitable for more complex formats such as bispecific and multispecific antibodies, and Fc fusions. 

We have extensive downstream capabilities supported by state-of-art analytics to ensure delivery of highest-quality material.

By choosing our antibody production services, you gain access to a collaborative and highly skilled team that is committed to delivering high-quality antibodies to drive your scientific progress and contribute to advancements in medicine, diagnostics, and beyond. 


Our antibody production workflows can go from low mg to multiple grams to support every stage of your research project

Start from sequence or your own plasmids

Customize upstream and downstream strategies tailored to your project and research stage

Get detailed information with our extensive QC and in process controls

Explore multiple formats and approaches through feasibility studies

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Antigen Production

At FairJourney Biologics, our antigen production workflow provides a fully customized approach to your project’s individual needs. We have a comprehensive toolbox, with multiple expression systems (mammalian and bacterial), tags for purification and to enhance expression, various downstream capabilities and we offer a wide range of transfection volumes. With every project we conduct a thorough literature search of the desired product to decide upon the most efficient strategy/strategies to achieve the correct structure and the desired amount for each project.

Every project develops in a collaborative environment, with frequent discussions streamline decision making and the ongoing activities. Our way of working has proven to be crucial in anticipating setbacks, while keeping up with the timelines in the production of challenging targets. The same antigen can be produced in various formats with different tags, depending on its purpose. Beyond the standard production, we also provide post-processing possibilities including biotinylation, enzymatic digestion for tag removal and labelling with different dyes.

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Our dedicated antigen production workflows will provide a solution to enable your project

Make use of our comprehensive toolbox

Explore multiple approaches through feasibility studies

Receive endotoxin free material, suitable for immunizations